2018 - 2019 QMS PTA Board of directors






President:  Amy Swartz   president@quioccasinpta.org 

First Vice President, Programs:  Michelle Brann  programs@quioccasinpta.org

Second Vice President, Membership:  Erika Almstead   membership@quioccasinpta.org

Treasurer:  Vicki Swanson  treasurer@quioccasinpta.org 

Recording Secretary:  Rob Chapman   secretary_recording@quioccasinpta.org

Corresponding Secretary:  Shelby Kirillin  secretary_corresponding@quioccasinpta.org   


Committee Chairs:


Griffin Giving Fund:  Ethan Johnson  griffingiving@quioccasinpta.org

Hospitality:  JaNelle Kyle  hospitality@quioccasinpta.org

Reflections:  Andrea Mulvaney  reflections@quioccasinpta.org

Spirit Wear:  Jennifer Albertson  spiritwear@quioccasinpta.org

Spirit Nights and Box Tops:  Lisa Fisher   spiritnights@quioccasinpta.org  boxtops@quioccasinpta.org

Book Fair:  Jennifer See  bookfair@quioccasinpta.org

Gailes Scholarship:  Alice Taylor  gailesscholarship@quioccasinpta.org

Griffin Office Assistant Team (GOAT):  Heather Goodman  goat@quioccasinpta.org

Communications/Website/Social Media:  Sarah Schumacher & Kristen Henshaw            webmaster@quioccasinpta.org

Italian Dinner and Silent Auction Team:  OPEN   italiandinner@quioccasinpta.org  silentauction@quioccasinpta.org


Thank you to everyone who has committed to volunteering their time and talents to the QMS PTA next school year! 

If you are interested in filling an open position, serve as a co-chair, or would like to participate with any of the committees listed above, please complete a QMS volunteer application. If you have any questions regarding PTA or open positions, please email president@quioccasinpta.org.


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